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Counseling & Student Wellness

Stanford Online High School is firmly committed to supporting students in their social and emotional learning (SEL), development, and overall well-being.

Wellness Program

Our Approach

The intentional design of our curriculum and pedagogical methods within our academic program actively promotes cognitive and interpersonal competence. Further, we offer research-based co-curricular programs and student support services that expand and strengthen these competencies while also providing opportunities for students to develop intrapersonal skills that foster personal growth and development.

School Design & Pedagogy

Stanford Online High School's design is focused on building a strong, supportive community, and cultivating a sense of belonging. Using that foundation, we incorporate a number of intentional pedagogical approaches to social and emotional learning.

School Programs

We provide a variety of school programs to help students thrive. Included in these programs are the Counseling Department, Wellness Program, and Student Life Activities.

Student-Led Initiatives

Stanford OHS offers a wide array of activities that are led by students. We believe in empowering students to take the lead! These activities include Clubs and Circles, the Student Survival Guide course, Cyber Ethics, Leadership opportunities, and more.

Research & Data

We believe that research and data help to ensure that we are meeting student well-being needs, and we collect this data through an annual survey and thorough interviews. We also encourage students to engage with the data from these surveys not only to learn data collection and analyses methods, but also to understand their needs.


The Counseling Department works to ensure that students’ academic, emotional, and social developmental needs are met. All students have a counselor dedicated to their personal development and well-being. We use a strengths-based approach and seek to proactively address obstacles and challenges.

Counseling Services

When students struggle, we work with them along with their parents, instructors, and academic advisors to develop and implement individual academic and/or support plans.

Personal Support

  • One-on-one short-term confidential counseling
  • Regular student check-ins on course workload using a “fading scaffold support approach,” with fewer check-ins as the student gains competence and confidence, allowing them to take full control
  • Consultation with parents, instructors, and other educators, such as tutors or learning specialists with whom families are working
  • Classes, workshops, and counseling groups on topics of importance to our students and families
  • Development of Student Support Improvement Plans
  • Intervention and advocacy at a systemic level
  • Accommodations through Stanford’s Office of Accessible Education
  • Referral to in-house, peer-supported programs, such as tutoring
  • Referrals to outside support services and community resources, such as local learning specialists and mental health professionals

Meet Our Counselors

Greg Nuckols

Greg Nuckols

Director of Counseling

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Claire Ashcroft

High School Counselor

Paige Johnson

Paige Johnson

High School Academic Advisor

Olivia Mastrangelo

Olivia Mastrangelo

Middle School Counselor

Student Wellness FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for Student Wellness

What services does the Wellness Office provide?

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Our Wellness Office addresses students’ academic success as well as their social and emotional needs as adolescents. We support Stanford OHS students through a variety of services, including one-on-one short-term confidential counseling, check-ins with students regarding course assignments and workload, referrals to both in-house and outside counseling services, and consultation with parents, instructors, and other educators.

How are Stanford OHS students assigned to wellness counselors?

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Each counselor works with either high school students (grades 9–12) or middle school students (grades 7–8). Students are normally assigned to a counselor by their last name. Stanford OHS middle school students who continue into high school have the opportunity to work with the same counselor throughout each segment of their studies.

How can students contact their wellness counselor?

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Counselors are available by email, phone, and live videoconferencing.

How are appointments scheduled with wellness counselors?

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Students and families may schedule meetings with counselors by email or by using an online scheduling system. Appointments can also be made through a form on the Stanford OHS Gateway website.

Where can I find resources on general topics related to student health and wellness?

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Extensive information on topics such as stress, nutrition, mindfulness, dating, grief, and mental health issues is available to enrolled Stanford OHS students through the counseling pages located in our learning management system.

Want to learn more about our Student Support Services?

Our student services offer Stanford OHS students access to specialists in the areas of college admissions, academic advising, writing and tutoring, and social and emotional (SEL) development to support students as they navigate the vital years of adolescence.