An Extraordinary Middle School Experience

At Stanford Online High school, high-achieving middle school students can pursue advanced coursework and curriculum that both challenge and prepare them for the rigors of our high school. Classes at the middle-school level are specially designed to lay the intellectual foundation for advanced coursework by cultivating the critical reasoning, analytical, and communication skills necessary for academic achievement.
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Focused on Middle Schoolers

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Flexible Enrollment Options

Middle school students select courses that fit into a single, part-time, or full-time schedule. Students take placement tests and work with their Academic Advisor to determine the classes that best meet their needs.
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A Strong Foundation

Students enrolled in the middle school hone the skills and habits assumed at the high-school level in the context of challenging material in each subject, while also pursuing high-school courses in areas of special talent or acceleration.
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Student Life & Community

Stanford OHS recognizes that middle school students have their own set of age-specific needs. Developing positive social, emotional, and academic relationships with all members of the Stanford OHS community is a fundamental component of the program.

Comprehensive Middle School Curriculum

Fundamentals of Expository Writing
Fundamentals of Literary Analysis
Fundamentals of Reading & Writing
Creative Writing
Introduction to Drawing
Human Nature & Society
Honors Prealgebra
Honors Beginning Algebra
Computational Thinking & Computer Science
High School-Level Courses (if appropriate)
Latin 1A, 1B
Chinese 1A, 1B
Introduction to U.S. History
Empires & World Civilizations to 1800
Inquiry-Based Physics
Foundations in Science: Energy & Matter
High School-Level Courses (if appropriate)

Student Support

Dedicated Advisors & Counselors

Middle School Advisors engage with students to help determine appropriate course placement, plan a program of study, and monitor their progress. Specially trained, dedicated Middle School Counselors are assigned to students to do regular student check-ins on course workload, ensure younger students thrive in the online environment, and that students’ academic, emotional, and social developmental needs are met.