Financial Aid & Scholarships

We seek to provide exceptional educational experiences to qualified students regardless of their financial circumstances.

What You Need to Know

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Approximately 12% of our students receive financial aid. Additionally, 63% of aid recipients have financial aid awards covering 75% or more of respective tuition. For the 2023–2024 school year, that translated into more than $2.5 million in financial aid and Malone Scholarships.

We evaluate financial aid applications independently of admission applications.

Financial aid is applied towards the cost of tuition. In some cases we are able to provide assistance with required books. We don’t provide financial aid or loans for computers or other curriculum materials.

Apply for Financial Aid

Families who wish to apply for financial aid are required to review the Financial Aid Application Instructions and complete the steps.

The Malone Scholars Program


The Malone Family Foundation established an endowment at Stanford OHS in 2013 to fund scholarships for new students who are gifted and talented and have financial need. Amounts range from 30–100% of full-time tuition, and students remain Malone Scholars as long as they are enrolled full-time and maintain good academic standing. There are typically between 15 and 18 Malone Scholars across grades 7–12.

Stanford OHS received two generous founding gifts from the Malone Family Foundation. The first, given at the school’s inception, made the creation of Stanford OHS possible. The second, given to us at the beginning of our fourth year, made the addition of our middle-school program possible.

The Malone Family Foundation was founded in 1997 by Dr. John C. Malone, a well-known communications and media executive and investor, and his family, with one principal objective: to improve access to quality education for gifted students who lack the financial resources to best develop their talents.

Who is considered for a Malone Family Foundation Scholarship?

Students applying for full-time admission to grades 7–11 who meet the following criteria:

  • Be a citizen of the United States
  • Meet all admissions criteria for Stanford OHS
  • Exhibit superior motivation for academic excellence through grade reports and other measures of achievement
  • Demonstrate financial need to qualify for funding of at least 30% of full-time tuition according to the SSS system

What are the benefits of a Malone Scholarship?

  • Funding for 30–100% of tuition will be granted as a scholarship as long as a student maintains full-time enrollment at Stanford OHS, meets expected academic standards, and demonstrates financial need. The scholarship amount will be determined by financial need.
  • Funding for one Stanford OHS Summer @ Stanford
  • Assistance with purchase of required books
  • Possible funding for college trip expenses, college applications, and college entrance exams

How do I apply?

  • Any exceptional student applying to Stanford OHS for grades 7–11 whose family is also applying for financial aid will be considered automatically for the scholarship. Scholarships are usually awarded to students entering grades 7–9. In rare circumstances, current students taking only one course with the intent of increasing to full-time enrollment may be considered.
  • Malone Scholars will be notified of their selection when they receive their admissions decision.
  • All students must submit the Stanford OHS admission and financial aid applications by the deadline published on the Application page. 

What else should I know about the Malone Scholarship at Stanford OHS?

  • To remain eligible for the scholarship, families will need to apply for financial aid by the stated financial aid deadline each year that the Scholar enrolls at Stanford OHS.
  • The amount of aid a Scholar is awarded may change year to year based on his or her need, but the student will remain a Malone Scholar as long as the student maintains academic standing and full-time enrollment at Stanford OHS.
  • Malone Scholars and their families must agree to share their identification as Malone Scholars with the Foundation and within the Stanford OHS community as needed. Families must agree to release basic demographic and academic information to the Foundation.

Fee Waivers

If the admissions application or financial aid application fees to Stanford Online High School causes a financial hardship for your family, please contact the Admissions Office to request a fee waiver. Admissions applications must be in-progress or nearly complete to receive a fee waiver. Financial aid applications must be complete, other than the fee payment, to receive a fee waiver.