Student-Led Initiatives

Stanford OHS offers a wide array of activities that are led by students. We believe in empowering students to take the lead! These activities include Clubs and Circles, the Student Survival Guide course, SEL Hackathon, Cyber Ethics, Leadership opportunities, and more.

Student-Led Initiatives at Stanford OHS

Students at Stanford Online High School have many opportunities to follow their interests and lead initiatives that stem from those interests. Below are some examples of student-led initiatives.
Mental Health Committee
Students, and student leaders provide peer support and safe spaces to discuss common mental health challenges. This committee works closely with the Stanford OHS counseling team.
Clubs and Circles
Stanford OHS has over 50 clubs and circles led by students, and supported by staff liaisons, providing student leaders space to practice key leadership skills
Leadership Program
Our Leadership Program seeks to encourage and nurture further leaders. Students attend monthly special presentations by leaders of all kinds, including Silicon Valley CEOs, entrepreneurs, inventors, and Nobel Laureates. Stuents gain important insights on topics including the qualities of effective leaders, the language of leadership, teamwork, the importance of self-leadership, motivating and inspiring others, and more.
Cyber Ethics
A school-wide event in which students provide example scenarios of difficult topics (i.e. feeling excluded from a group, being asked to share answers from an exam, witnessing a friend being made fun of, etc. ) and to discuss strategies, language, and ways to respond appropriately and effectively.
SEL Hackathon
Our Girls Can Code Club works on challenging problems and innovates and iterates to find technological solutions. This year, the club led a Hackathon focused on analyzing our SEL data to develop solutions to support their peers and our school community as a whole.
Local Meet-Ups
Stanford OHS families host in-person events for students in the same geographic regions to get together and further the friendship bonds they have made in their classes online.

Student Life & Community