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Academic Advising

Advisors engage with students and their families to determine appropriate course placement and a program of study, and to discuss enrollment options. They continue to monitor students’ progress through their studies to bolster academic success.

Student Contact and Engagement

Advisors are the first point of contact for a student’s family on these topics:

  • Academic planning
  • Course selection, placement, and enrollment
  • Graduation requirements and progress toward graduation
  • Adding and dropping courses
  • Transfer credit

Academic Planning and Course Selection

Each year, students meet with their advisors to plan their individual course schedule. Advisors make sure that students are taking classes that are appropriately challenging and that meet their goals. They also help manage any changes to student schedules throughout the year.

Graduation and Transfer Credit

For full-time students, advisors also track progress towards graduation requirements and manage the approval of any transfer credit.

Meet Our Academic Advisors


Ryan Salvador

Director of Academic Advising

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Estefany Arenas

High School Academic Advisor

Yliana Gomez

Yliana Gomez

High School Academic Advisor

Kellye Smith

Kellye Smith

Middle School Academic Advisor

Frequently Asked Questions for Academic Advising

Do all of my classes have to be taken at Stanford OHS?

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No, but our residency requirements require that a certain amount be taken depending on your grade level. You will work with your academic advisor to determine how any transfer credit may be applied.

How are class times determined?

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We build our schedule from scratch every year. Each spring, we collect our students' approved course requests, as well as information on student and instructor schedule availability. Then we use software to create specific course sections that best accommodate these requests. Finally, students are enrolled in these sections, and the schedule is published.

How do I know what classes I am eligible to take each year?

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The course catalog lists the prerequisite requirements for each class. If you are a new student, or if you are taking a subject for the first time at Stanford OHS, you will take a placement test to determine the best fit.

What are the Stanford OHS graduation requirements?

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Students can find the Stanford OHS graduation requirements on the Graduation Requirements page

Want to learn more about our Student Support Services?

Our student services offer Stanford OHS students access to specialists in the areas of college admissions, academic advising, writing and tutoring, and social and emotional (SEL) development to support students as they navigate the vital years of adolescence.