Math Curriculum

Our Mathematics Division aims to build a solid foundation in mathematics, computer science, and economics. The focus is on mathematical theory and applications, emphasizing vertical integration of courses from foundational secondary mathematics through advanced university-level offerings.

Division Head


Bruce Brege - Bio

Our Approach

The Division of Mathematics offers students the ability to pursue a wide range of rigorous course offerings in mathematics, computer science, and economics. The curriculum focuses on building a solid foundation in mathematical sciences, with courses focused on both mathematical theory and applications of mathematics.

The Division emphasizes vertical integration of courses from foundational secondary mathematics courses through advanced university-level offerings, and is committed to working to ensure that students adapt a sequence of study that includes both depth and breadth in mathematics.

The mission of the mathematics program at Stanford OHS is to provide students with a broad understanding of mathematics to help students formulate and use mathematical tools for critical thinking and problem solving. This broad understanding encompasses computation, problem solving, logical reasoning, generalization, and abstraction. Students who successfully complete Stanford OHS mathematics courses will understand and be able to apply the concepts and techniques that are foundational to secondary-level mathematics, and they will have developed independent investigative skills that will enable them to work towards solutions of novel problems. Students will develop an appreciation for mathematics and its role in the modern world, including connections with other disciplines, and they will be well prepared for advanced study in university-level mathematics.

Mathematics Course Progression Flowchart