Student Ambassador Trent M.

Trent M.

About Me

Hello! My name is Trent, and I am a Senior located in Austin, Texas pursuing my 6th year at Stanford OHS. Discrete Mathematics, Computer Science and Quantum Computing are some of my favorite classes this year, but if you asked me for my favorite subjects I would have to respond with “anything STEM."

In my time outside of classes, you will find me in my orchestra’s rehearsal room, designing board games, working on a variety of coding projects, or preparing a side of a legal case with my Mock Trial team. I have recently found myself engrossed in self-studying foreign languages and the many curiosities of linguistics, which I have been able to apply to help teach English as a Second Language to Spanish-speaking immigrants here in Austin. After a captivating year long Astrophysics research project, I hope to conduct some form of scientific research in physics as well as major in some form of Engineering in college.

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Graduation Year
Favorite Subjects
Astrophysics, Political Science & Philosophy, Computer Science
Clubs & Organizations
Mock Trial, Linguistics, Astronomy Club, Competition Physics Club