Student Ambassador Maxwell P.

Maxwell P.

About Me

Hello! My name is Maxwell P. I am a full-time Sophomore and in my 3rd year at Stanford OHS. My academic passions are Computer Science, Science, and Math. I also love History. The culture at Stanford OHS offers neurodiverse students like myself an environment of acceptance and celebration of what we can contribute to this amazing community and the world. I am grateful for all of the club opportunities offered at Stanford OHS and am active in the Advanced Programming, Web Development, FTC Robotics, Neuroscience, and Neurodiversity clubs. I am also a peer tutor in four subjects. Before coming to Stanford OHS, I was homeschooled due to a Primary Immune Deficiency diagnosis. Acceptance into Stanford OHS opened up my entire world to lifelong friendships and social opportunities on top of memories I will treasure forever.

Why I Chose Stanford OHS

From my earliest memories as a homeschooled student, my hunger for knowledge often found itself constrained by the limits of my health and the academic resources available. Seeking a more rigorous academic environment, I applied to Stanford OHS with the hope of not just quenching my thirst for advanced learning but also being in a space that understands and accommodates unique situations like mine. Stanford OHS wasn’t merely a school to me; it was an opportunity to leap beyond the boundaries of my health. Under the guidance of the school's exceptional instructors, I've encountered an academic rigor that I had yearned for, each day pushing me to think deeper and strive harder.

Moreover, Stanford OHS's diverse range of clubs and extracurriculars allowed me to delve into my passion for technology, particularly with a computer science track that stands unparalleled. While many high schools prepare students for college, Stanford OHS does so with an emphasis on nurturing individual talents and ensuring every student, regardless of their background, finds a path tailored for them.

Student info
Graduation Year
Favorite Subjects
Computer Science, Science, Mathematics
Clubs & Organizations
Web Development Club, Advanced Programming Club, FTC Robotics Club