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Maeva C.

About Me

I am a 16-year-old residing in a remote Caribbean nation, St. Kitts and Nevis, where the geographical isolation has played a significant role in shaping my introverted personality. Nonetheless, I am actively working on expanding my social horizons to ensure that my introverted nature does not hinder my daily interactions and experiences. I possess a distinctly diverse mindset that is reflective of my own multifaceted background. My unique identity is exemplified by my citizenships, which come from four distinct countries, each with its own rich culture. Additionally, my roots trace back to a Moroccan heritage with my grandfather being an immigrant to the United States, adding another layer of complexity to who I am. My background has granted me the privilege of experiencing and appreciating a wide range of cultural perspectives. As a result, my thinking is characterized by a deep appreciation for diversity and an innate ability to embrace multiple worldviews, fostering a richer and more inclusive outlook on life.

One of my most passionate interests lies in advocating for animal rights and their welfare. My deep love for animals has led me to actively engage in initiatives aimed at their protection. Additionally, I have a profound appreciation for various forms of art, including music, film, and theater. The world of art, in all its forms, captivates me, and I find endless fascination exploring it.

Furthermore, an essential part of my life journey is dedicated to enhancing my mental well-being. I have struggled with my mental health since the age of eight and that has propelled me to work diligently on self-improvement. Every day, I make progress in this area, and my hope is to continue this upward trajectory.

Beyond my academic pursuits at Stanford OHS, I actively contribute to the conservation efforts on my island. I am a member of the Historical Conservation Society, where I play a role in preserving the island's rich history. Additionally, I participate in turtle conservation initiatives. I also engage in Israeli Krav Maga as a sport, which not only promotes physical fitness but also reinforces my commitment to personal growth and discipline. I believe that my life is an evolving tapestry of diverse interests and aspirations, with a steadfast dedication to self-improvement and making a positive impact on the world around me.

What I Love About Stanford OHS

There are so many things that I love about Stanford OHS, for one, the community is amazing. Even though I am more isolated than other students, I still experience our student community. As a student body we are very caring and helpful, even though we are an online school our student body is still very strong. Something I find unique about our school is the fact that even though we are online we have a strong student body, that gets together, becomes friends, and always try to make our school better. I love the academics of the school because I have room to grow, find what I like, what interests me and I have so much support from both teachers and students.

One of my most favorite things about Stanford OHS is that most classes I have enrolled in are philosophy-based, which always lead to wonderful student discussions, which make all students in the class think in a unique was that only leads to more discussions. Our class discussions also make classes feel more in person like, and they lead to a closer understanding of fellow students. Summer@Stanford was one of my favorite things I have ever done at Stanford OHS, I was able to for the first time meet students I had only ever new through a screen, and see how tall they are, how they think outside of a class environment and really get to know their personality. Summer@Stanford was such an incredible bonding experience for students, I even met one of my best friends at the program.

There are many aspects of Stanford OHS that I hold in high regard that are what make our school truly exceptional. Our community is nothing short of amazing. Despite my relative isolation as a student, I do feel a part of our vibrant student body. We are characterized by our collective spirit of caring and supportiveness. It's particularly remarkable that even in the digital realm, we've managed to foster a robust sense of unity. Our students come together, form genuine friendships, and have an unwavering commitment to our school.

The academic environment at Stanford OHS is nothing short of inspiring. Here, I have ample space to explore, discover my passions, and delve into subjects that genuinely intrigue me. The unwavering support I receive from both teachers and fellow students fuels my intellectual curiosity. Particularly, I relish the philosophy-based classes, which serve as a breeding ground for stimulating discussions. These discussions not only encourage us to think critically but also foster a unique atmosphere that mirrors the dynamics of an in-person classroom. Engaging in these dialogues not only broadens our perspectives but also nurtures a deeper understanding of my peers.The immense support from teachers and fellow students is extremely valuable.

One of my absolute favorite experiences at Stanford OHS has been Summer@Stanford. It provided me with a chance to step beyond the confines of the virtual world and meet fellow students face-to-face. The program allowed us to see each other beyond the confines of a classroom environment, revealing diverse personalities and perspectives. It was a profound bonding experience, leading to lasting friendships. In fact, I count one of my closest friends among those I met during Summer@Stanford.

Stanford OHS is a place where community, academics, and personal growth converge to create a truly unique and enriching educational experience. It's a testament to the strength of our online community that transcends the boundaries of distance and screen, fostering connections that are both intellectually stimulating and deeply personal.

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History, English, Philosophy
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Model UN, Ethics Bowl, History Club