Kristina Mead Vetter

Kristina Vetter

Division Head of Science and Biology Instructor

B.A., Williams College
Ph.D., Stanford University

Dr. Vetter earned her B.A. in Physics from Williams College and her Ph.D. in Biological Sciences from Stanford. While at Stanford, she worked with Drs. Mark Denny and David Epel on the effects of surf zone turbulence on the fertilization and early development of sea urchins. For her post-doc project, Dr. Vetter researched the effects of small-scale fluid flow on the olfactory performance of mantis shrimp with Dr. Mimi Koehl at the University of California, Berkeley.

Dr. Vetter has taught Introductory Biology, Animal Physiology, Human Physiology, Human Sexuality, and a variety of Neuroscience classes. She earned tenure at Denison University before moving back to California. She is currently writing a book on Sex, Gender, and the Brain, and continues her independent research on mantis shrimp. In her free time, Dr. Vetter likes to read, travel, cook, SCUBA dive with her family, and to complete in Scottish Highland Games.

Dr. Vetter joined Stanford OHS in Fall 2014 as a Biology Instructor. She teaches AP Biology and co-teaches OWISS (Introduction to Sex and Sexuality) and OWIAS (Interdisciplinary Approaches to Sex and Sexuality) with Dr. Dawkins. She offers a Marine Science themed homeroom and sponsors the Neuroscience Club.


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