Student Ambassador Ellis K.

Ellis K.

About Me

My name is Ellis K. and I live just outside Washington, D.C., and I have been a single-course and part-time student at Stanford OHS since middle school.

Outside of school, you can often find me rowing on various rivers in and around the nation's capital and up and down the East coast. As a high schooler and aspiring college athlete, I mostly row in sweep boats of four or eight rowers - using just one oar - but I actually learned to row by sculling - using two oars - in a racing single during the pandemic. I also spend a lot of time enjoying music: I am a classically trained pianist who has segued into jazz over the last years. Fortunately the D.C. area has a lively jazz scene both for performing and attending concerts.

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by aquatic life, whether it's oceans, lakes, ponds, or streams. This interest has been fueled by a passion for conservation and the desire to communicate to a wider audience the beauty of the aquatic world and the importance of protecting it in all its diversity.

Why I Chose Stanford OHS

I came to Stanford OHS as a homeschooler, and ever since I started in middle school, I have continued to homeschool while attending Stanford OHS. The school has been a wonderful fit for me because it has allowed me to study fascinating subjects, such as astrobiology and neuroscience, that I could not have delved into in most high schools, at a very rigorous level and alongside motivated and involved peers. The flexibility offered by Stanford OHS, both in terms of enrollment levels and class schedules, has allowed me to continue and deepen my passions outside of academics without having to compromise on academic rigor.

Student info
Graduation Year
Favorite Subjects
Advanced Biology/Neuroscience, Astrobiology, Latin/Roman History
Clubs & Organizations
Rowing & Crew, Classical jazz and piano, Marine Science and Biology, Biomimicry