Student Ambassador Derin G.

Derin G.

About Me

Hello! My name is Derin, and I am a full-time freshman from McLean, Virginia in my third year at Stanford OHS. Some of my favorite subjects at Stanford OHS so far are economics and math. Outside of school, I enjoy playing chess, solving hard math problems, and day trading in the stock market. I am the Secretary of the Applied Economics Club, and a member in the Investment Club, and enjoy that I get to learn more about my passions through Stanford OHS's amazing range of club topics. Someday, I aspire to go into day trading or investing professionally, and eventually start my own company.

Why I Chose Stanford OHS

I chose Stanford OHS for a few different reasons. First, I found myself searching for a greater challenge in the academic field that I felt I was not receiving from my local public school. I wanted to advance and learn higher levels of math, I wanted to take diverse classes that I could truly enjoy, such as AP Microeconomics, and I wanted to improve my writing skills. Now, two years after I started, I have achieved all of these goals and am really excited for the future!

Next, I enjoy playing chess and to keep improving my level, I have to travel for many chess tournaments throughout the school year. Although, in elementary school, I was able to take plane flights on Fridays after school and play tournaments on the weekends as well as plan out schoolwork well so that I could stay ahead, I struggled to keep up this pace as I entered sixth grade in my local middle school and had to limit my involvement with chess. However, when I started at Stanford OHS, I found that I was able manage my tournament schedule and still get a great education while managing homework at the same time, so Stanford OHS definitely ended up being a perfect fit for me. 

What I Love About Stanford OHS

What I love about Stanford OHS is the rigor of the curriculum as well as the extremely flexible daily class schedule. Every time I enter a class discussion section at Stanford OHS, I experience a new challenge. Here I am receiving a really challenging and wonderful education to extend my learning beyond the basics and into entirely new areas of study. College will definitely have challenging classes and topics as well, so I know that Stanford OHS is a great way to prepare me for my future.

Next, without the amazing class schedule, I would not be able to pursue some of my major endeavors. My main passion is stock trading, but it can only be done well during a short 1-hour interval of time in the morning. With the wonderful schedule of Stanford OHS, I am able to continue learning and pursuing my passion for trading on almost every single day of the week, and still receive a rigorous education that will help support me for years to come. 

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Economics, Math, Core
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Applied Economics Club, Investment Club, Chess Club