Bil Hrusovsky

Bil Hrusovsky

Writing Instructor

B.A., Kent State University
M.A., Texas Tech University

Bil Hrusovsky is an instructor in the Writing & Tutoring Center. He earned his bachelor's degree from Kent State University and his master's degree from Texas Tech University. He teaches writing at California State University Fresno and was formerly a lecturer teaching Junior Year Writing at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He also has experience as a writing tutor for undergraduate and graduate students at multiple universities in Massachusetts.

His studies focused on Renaissance Literature, primarily reading John Donne, and delving into the History of the Book and Readership. He worked on the John Donne Society’s Digital Text Project, coding manuscript copies of John Donne's “Paradoxes and Problems” in XML to create the first scholarly digital edition of any of Donne’s works.

In his spare time, Bil enjoys reading comics and going on hikes with his family.