April W.

About Me

Hello! My name is April, and I am a senior in my fifth year at Stanford OHS. I live in Southern California with my grandparents, parents, and five younger siblings. Being part of a big family and the oldest amongst my siblings, I have the responsibility of being a good role model and at the same time, helping out with family chores. I love neuroscience and hope to become a neuroscientists one day, working with patients that have Alzheimer's Disease. Outside of Stanford OHS, I love to bake, read, swim, play the viola, listen to music (especially Taylor Swift!), volunteer in my community, travel, and learn new languages.

Why I Chose Stanford OHS

I chose Stanford OHS because of its rigorous course load, and its ability to provide college-level courses for students based on readiness, not age. What attracted me to Stanford OHS the most was the ability to connect with students from all over the world thus expanding my global reach. Given the online setting, Stanford OHS allowed me to use time more effectively. Without the need for commuting to school and taking unnecessary breaks, I was able to focus on my other interests, such as playing the viola, learning multiple languages, and helping out in my community while achieving success academically. Prior to joining Stanford OHS, I attended several prestigious traditional private schools, none of which fulfilled my needs for higher learning. I was limited to the courses I could take due to my grade and age, however, at Stanford OHS, I am able to take courses that I am deemed ready for. These challenging courses that Stanford OHS offers benefited me greatly, both academically and mentally. Overall, I became a better person, student, and older sister to my siblings all due to the skills and time management I learned from Stanford OHS. Seeing the many benefits Stanford OHS provides, I am confident in graduating from Stanford OHS successfully and being able to go to a college of my choice.

What I Love About Stanford OHS

I love Stanford OHS in every possible way. It gives me the flexibility to choose classes that fit my schedule while allowing me to also focus on other curriculums outside the classrooms. Although Stanford OHS has a rigorous academic curriculum, it also provided me with highly qualified instructors who are truly passionate about students and the topics they teach. Stanford OHS also has a great variety of student support, ranging from counseling and advisors to peer tutors and writing center instructors. While Stanford OHS is a fully online school, it offers many opportunities for students to connect, such as local meetups, clubs, and circles so that I never feel “distanced”. Furthermore, Stanford OHS also gives students the ability to connect with other students from other countries which is something really beneficial as it allows me to expand my knowledge and horizon globally - this is the most important to me and something a traditional school could never offer!


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Favorite Subjects
Neuroscience, Math, Latin
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Pixel Journal, UNICEF, UNHCR