Student Ambassador Andrew M.

Andrew M.

About Me

Hello I'm Andrew M. and I live in Galveston, Texas! I have been at Stanford OHS for three years now, and have loved every moment from the community interactions, to the fun classes we participate in daily. I love to hang out with friends, play basketball, and do almost any other sporting activity. I am also a part of the new solar panel company ASK as the CMO, where I use my experience and guidance on entrepreneurship to help the company grow. When I graduate from Stanford OHS I want to become a naval architect where I can eventually start my own company and design yachts and sailboats for the public.

Why I Chose Stanford OHS

Now it may sound crazy, but I decided to apply full-time to Stanford OHS for 9th grade coming fresh off of a private middle school with almost zero online experience for schooling. Throughout my whole life up to this point, I had been in person and used to interacting with people face to face on a daily basis, so thinking of turning a 180 on that idea for high school was radical. Of course, I had done a little bit during Covid, but none of that could have prepared me for what I was walking into when I got accepted into Stanford OHS.

However, with all of this said you may be wondering, "Why did you apply in the first place if it was going to be so much of a challenge?" To that question, there are many possible answers but for me, the reason I applied in the first place is because of the rewards of this challenge. Stanford OHS is by no means easy, and anyone who has ever taken a class here can attest to this. With these struggles come great rewards however, with one of them being getting an education from one of the best Private High Schools in the Nation.

Many people say the larger the risk, the higher the reward, and the same is true for Stanford OHS. Getting your preferred grades won't be easy but when I joined Stanford OHS, I realized they wouldn't have accepted me in the first place if they didn't believe I could handle it. Taking Stanford OHS classes also gives students the opportunity for so much more freedom than they would've ever gotten from some normal high school. Knowing I could take classes at any time of the day has opened my schedule to things I never would've imagined could work, like basketball and sailing. So whenever times get tough at Stanford OHS, it's always important for me to look back and remember that Stanford OHS is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I am so glad I haven't taken it for granted!

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Math, Science, English
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Athletics Club, Football Circle, OSI Club