Student Ambassador Alexandra H.

Alexandra H.

About Me

Hello! I'm Alexandra H., but you can call me Alex. I'm 15 years old, a full-time Sophomore, and this is my third year at Stanford OHS. For each year I've been a full-time student here. I'll spare you the giant list for hobbies, but to summarize, I love dance, painting, music, and doing anything outdoors. Often I will spend my weekends on hikes, ice skating, or skiing with my family. I love to surf, but I live in a tiny town in South Dakota, so surfing isn't easily accessible. I aspire to live an adventurous life, and to make a difference in the world. It's often said "I want to change the world," but I all I want to do is make someone else's life better. May that be through a small good deed, promoting environmental improvement, or making someone smile, I aspire to make that small difference.

Why I Chose Stanford OHS

I applied to Stanford OHS because the schooling in my area was lacking, to say the least. I wasn't challenged, and I felt like I was skating through school. This school was a great fit for me because of its diversity and difficulty in material. The school I previously attended was a public, brick-and-mortar school. I intend to graduate from Stanford OHS, attending full-time for the entirety of my education here. Stanford OHS has helped me develop my study skills, my ability to adapt and to manage my time. Not only has Stanford OHS helped me develop academically, but it's also provided opportunities to perform ballet, at various social events, and it's provided an opportunity to pursue my interest in government and leadership.

What I Love About Stanford OHS

Something I find unique about Stanford OHS is the fostering of social life, despite it being an online school. One of the things I remember most vividly in a Q&A meeting is the mention of the clubs. I took a screenshot of the club slide and started to scan through the clubs, feeling myself getting excited as I found the many clubs that I took an interest in.

Another thing I appreciate about the school is the small number of people in each class. I feel like I get a more personal learning experience with my teachers due to the smaller class sizes. As well as the small class sizes, Stanford OHS is definitely a step up in the curriculum. Perhaps a few steps. My first year as a little hard to adjust, but I'm so happy I stuck with it! Also, the classrooms don't feel like they are online. The discussions and engaging activities with my peers make Stanford OHS feel like an in-person class.

A staple of Stanford OHS is the social events, both online and in person. I've attended Summer@Stanford twice, Pixel Festival twice, and Pixel Gathering & Graduation. (I intend to attend Homecoming this November.) S@S is worth attending Stanford OHS by itself, plus the other amazing online and in-person events. Speaking of social events, the clubs are so well organized and easy to attend, it makes Stanford OHS social life come together a little easier. I was Freshman Class President (2022-2023) and I loved the chance to meet so many of the students I didn't know, as well as building relationships with faculty and staff.

The faculty and staff at Stanford OHS are so incredibly supportive, office hours and the Writing Center have saved both my sanity and my grades at Stanford OHS. They are so kind and patient with you, making sure you're with them every step of the way.


Student info
Graduation Year
Favorite Subjects
Human Nature, Edgar Allan Poe Storyline Building, French Revolution
Clubs & Organizations
Dance: Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz, and Pointe. Painting. Playing Several Instruments such as Piano, Saxophone, Ukelele, Guitar, as well as sound mixing.