Student Ambassador Noor A.

Noor A.

About Me

Hello! My name is Noor, and I am a senior from Washington, D.C. in my third year at Stanford OHS. I have always loved learning and research, and Stanford OHS has given me the opportunity to explore and experiment with my interests. I am passionate about history and languages, and I am currently studying Mandarin and Hindi.

Outside of Stanford OHS, I play violin and piano, and love all things Jane Austen. I also enjoy teaching and started a program through the Boys & Girls Clubs in my community to teach young kids coding and Chinese. I also love participating and contributing to the Stanford OHS community. I lead the Muslim Students Alliance and the Kids Teach Club, and enjoy meeting up with my Stanford OHS friends!

Why I Chose Stanford OHS

I applied to Stanford OHS because I was looking for a challenging and rigorous academic program, as well as a welcoming and diverse student body. Until I joined Stanford OHS as a full-time sophomore, I was homeschooled and attended several programs both virtually and in-person. However, I struggled to find a program where I felt like I belonged, both as a young Muslim and South Asian woman, and also as someone who is excited about learning. At Stanford OHS, I have been challenged in all of my classes, and I have learned a great deal. I have also made some of my closest friends who are as passionate about learning as I am!

I am a senior at Stanford OHS, and I plan to graduate in 2024. Over my three years at Stanford OHS, I have been able to take classes that truly excite me, and have helped me uncover what I would like to pursue in college. Stanford OHS has helped me by challenging me to think critically and creatively, teaching me how to problem solve and defend my views and ideas. In my classes, I have been introduced to complex subjects, and through discussions with my teachers and peers, I have learned how to approach them in a way that has transformed and deepened my thinking. Overall, I have loved my experience at Stanford OHS. I have explored ideas and topics that truly fascinate me, and I have had the opportunity to develop my passions and interests. 

What I Love About Stanford OHS

What I love most about Stanford OHS is the unique academic environment and the strong sense of community. Before I came to Stanford OHS, I was homeschooled and participated in several programs, both virtually and in-person. However, I have found the rigor of the Stanford OHS curriculum and the in-depth learning and discussion that takes place here to be unparalleled. The instructors at Stanford OHS are some of the most passionate and knowledgeable educators I have ever encountered. They are not only teachers, but mentors and advisors. They care deeply about us and are always willing to go the extra mile to help us succeed. I have never felt like I am alone in the process of adapting to Stanford OHS, and have formed meaningful relationships with many of my teachers and peers.

The community at Stanford OHS is vibrant, diverse, and inclusive. Before I joined the school, I struggled to feel like I belonged. I was often one of the few Indian students in the programs that I participated in, and I was almost always the only Muslim student. I was also often one of the few students who genuinely loved learning, and found reading and research engaging and fun! At Stanford OHS, I have obtained a sense of community and belonging. I have met other students who can relate to my experiences, but also push me out of my comfort zone by introducing me to new and interesting ideas.

Finally, I am grateful for the opportunities that Stanford OHS has given me to grow academically and personally. Stanford OHS has given me the confidence to take on challenges, whether that is starting a club, taking difficult courses, or researching controversial and relevant topics. I would highly recommend Stanford OHS to any student who is looking for a challenging and rewarding academic experience.

Student info
Graduation Year
Favorite Subjects
Mandarin, History, English Literature, Art
Clubs & Organizations
Muslim Students Alliance (Leader), Kids Teach Club (Founder & Leader), Girl Up Club (Co-Leader)