Student Ambassador Lexi M.

Lexi M.

About Me

Hello! My name is Lexi, and this is my third year at Stanford Online High School. I live in a small town outside of Tyler, Texas. I enjoy studying psychology, advanced literature, and data science. I have a passion for theatre, and had the opportunity to apply to and attend a program for it over the summer. Stanford OHS has helped me find my joy for music, photography, and the arts field in general, while giving me the ability to expand my education and find opportunities. Going from a rural public school to Stanford OHS, I knew that I could be successful, but did not know how to go about doing so with such limited opportunities. Stanford OHS has helped me build and find the knowledge I needed to succeed, especially when it came to contacting instructors, joining clubs, and going to events. I aspire to help children, whether as a psychiatrist or in an artistic medium, and Stanford OHS has been very supportive of me and my dreams.

Why I Chose Stanford OHS

With this being my senior year at Stanford Online High School, I am very proud to be graduating from this institution. This school is and has been a great place for me to excel and explore. Looking back on my first year, I can feel how much I have changed and pushed myself to succeed. I chose Stanford OHS because I wanted to be able to find out who I am and move forward on my own path. I have been able to join and lead various clubs, as well as pursue and research my various interests. I have served as the Copy Editor, and am currently the Editor-In-Chief of the Yearbook Staff, I helped co-create the STEAM: Problem Solvers club, help manage Stanford OHS's art website, Pixelate, am serving as a Vice President of the Film Club, take part in facilitating Languages Café events, and have been able to participate and take part in much more. I have developed both academically and socially at Stanford OHS, and can't imagine the differences there would be if I did not choose to attend.

What I Love About Stanford OHS

My previous school moved to online learning when COVID-19 became a large and relevant issue, but did not have the means or resources for a smooth transition. During my 9th grade year, I did not attend a single Zoom class and was passed off to online programs that did not teach personalized or challenging subjects. I wanted more, to be somewhere I could learn and thrive. My mom started looking, and we found multiple schools, but I quickly realized that Stanford Online High School was where I wanted to be. I applied, and they said yes!

It was a bit of a shock coming into Stanford OHS, especially compared to my last school. Here, there is a rigorous curriculum, a supportive and constantly building academic environment, in-depth learning and class discussions throughout the week, amazing instructors and staff that are always ready to provide support (i.e., Instructor Office Hours, the Writing and Tutoring Center, Advisors, Counselors, and Peer Tutors), as well as a large community of engagement with peers and instructors inside and outside of the online classroom. This makes Stanford OHS unlike any other school I have encountered and I am grateful to be a student here.

Student info
Graduation Year
Favorite Subjects
Psychology, Advanced Literature, Data Science
Clubs & Organizations
Yearbook (Editor-in-Chief), Pixelate (manager), Film Club (Co-Vice President)